Gary Player at age 80!

If there is any individual that has discovered the fountain of youth, it would be Gary Player. One of Gary's nicknames is Mr. Fitness. Even with his extensive travel schedule he's still been able to maintain his fitness well into his 80's. It is well documented that Gary has logged over 15 million miles of air travel internationally over the past 60 years.

Gary says it’s important to eat light while travelling and try to move as much as possible including stretching walking and drinking plenty of water. That’s also great advice for all of us in general especially when trying to get in better shape for sports activities such as golf.

Pertaining to exercise options, walking is a low impact activity to start building up your fitness. Start with shorter walks and gradually build up to longer walks and even short jogs if your joints can tolerate it. Gary Player has a motto: Keep moving, rest is rust! My personal favorites are running, swimming and biking. If you can vary your exercise routine it won’t get as monotonous and it will be more fun.

Don’t forget exercises for the core of the body, such as crunches, so you build up the area that supports your back. Other things that I do to stay loose and build up strength: swinging a weighted club, walking stairs vs taking the elevator, squeezing a tennis ball (hand strength), & lifting light dumb bells.

Many people are now taking yoga classes to improve their flexibility and build up all areas of the body including the core. Strength training exercises include the lat pull down which builds the back and shoulders. When you strengthen these muscles, it will help in hitting bigger drives like the pros! You can also use weights or bands at home. I do lighter weights with more reps to build tone and speed instead of bulk.

There is no doubt as you get in better physical condition you’ll feel better with an added benefit of playing better golf!

Quote of the week: “Golf is a puzzle without an answer. I’ve played the game for over 60 years and still haven’t the slightest idea of how to play” -Gary Player

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